Monday, August 28, 2006

One day down....179 to go! feels nice to have the first day of school under our belts. Caleb (6) is in first grade this year and Jo (4) is in Preschool. We started the day off by going out for breakfast (something we never do). When we got back home we got off to a late start, but we did finish everything I planned on doing for the day.

Caleb is doing the second half of Sonlight's Core K, with their LA1 and Horizon's Math. Josiah is doing Sonlight's PK. I'm integrating notebooking into our various subjects this year, and Caleb did his first notebook page on the first chapter of Dr. Doolittle today. I had him draw pictures of Dr. Doolittle's pets, and he drew an owl and a hedgehog. He completed a narration on the chapter(why Dr. Doolittle was poor?).

All in all it was a pretty good day. My goal for tomorrow, though, is to find something to keep Rachel (2) and Jada (almost 1) occupied!!

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