Monday, September 25, 2006

September 25, 2006

School is going better. We've been reading picture books, and doing little studies with them. Last week we read Horton Hears a Who and he did some notebook pages on it. Today we read the Pumpkin Runner.

In LA today we played sight word bingo. Caleb had to make sure that each line had the same color marker on it.

The next word was no, and he ran into a more blue markers!!

Jada and Rachel are both getting over being sick, hopefully none of the rest of us end up with it!! Here is some pictures of Jada, she had just been trying to put her jammies on.

Isn't she just too cute?

Little girls get into clothes so early!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Just plugging along........

Today we finished Dr. Doolittle. Caleb really enjoyed it. He did several notebook pages to go along with it. I tried to scan them in, but my scanner is not working.

Maybe some other day! We're going to spend the next couple weeks doing short units with some picture books before we move on to our next scheduled RA.

Caleb's been fighting school the last couple of days. We had spent the weekend at the lake with my in-laws, so I'm hoping he's just tired. It's too early in the school year to start this. Hopefully the change of pace the next couple weeks will help him out!

Josiah, on the other hand, is really enjoying PK. During his school time he always picks out several extra books to read along with the ones from the core and always wants to read ahead. I was worried that he wouldn't be ready, but he has really surprised me.

Well, I guess we'll just keep on plugging.

ETA-I finally got my scanner to work. The top and bottom of the Notebooking page is missing; the top says 'Dr. Doolittle', the bottom says 'Draw how the doctor got away from the pirates.'

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The future of toy storage....

My Mom and my sister came over today with my niece and nephew. We were sitting at the table chatting, and one of the kids came out and said there were toys in the toilet. I went back to the bathroom expecting one floating toy, but instead this is what I found!

Rachel and my 2 year old nephew Zeke had been having quite a fun time. When I walked in the door they were just reaching for the toilet to flush!! Thankfully, I stopped them just in time!! That was enough of a mess for one day! Bet you didn't know a toilet could double as a toy box!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

One more birthday.....

Well, the birthday season is coming to an I turned 29. I had a pretty relaxing day, which was really nice. We didn't have Sunday School this morning, and our service was at 8:30 (the building we are using right now was being rented out, so we had to work around them). So, we had a long stretch between church services.

The fall chill was in the air today!! Yesterday was in the 80's so it was shockingly cold today, but I'm soooo excited. I love fall. The beauty of the leaves as they change always makes me rejoice in the majesty of God. Even the air is more invigorating, each breath makes you feel more alive. I'm so thankful that God made a world that can be so enjoyable to all of our senses, and I look forward to the next several months!

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Jada is ONE!!!!

Well, birthday season continues. Jada turned one today . I didn't even get to spend much time with her today, but from what I hear she didn't have a very good day. She went out to eat with Nuna (grandma) and spilled pop all over both of them, and dumped a plate of macaroni and cheese on the floor of the restaurant, breaking the plate. All this while I was busy staining windows at the church!

Last night, though, we threw her a party (just so you don't think I'm an awful mother!!). She had a ladybug theme, and I made lady bug cakes. Caleb made ladybug posters to hang on the wall for decorations. Upon further inspection, I noticed numbers on them. Caleb said he had put the number of spots on them, because the little kids might not be able to count them themselves!

Here's a pictureof the birthday girl:

Her birthday cake:

Her blowing out her candle:

Happy Birthday, sweet baby!!

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Just a little laugh...

Josiah and Rachel had gone back to our room to sleep. Rachel had pushed the button on the answering machine, and it started playing all the old messages (you mean you're supposed to delete those?). Josiah came out a couple of minutes later and said, as serious as can be, "I can't sleep, too many people are callling."

Aaron and I were ROTFL. Poor Jo, he's mister sensitive, and was upset we were laughing at him. It was too funny!!

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

More Vacation.....

Here's some of our pictures from vacation while climbing Poke-a-moonshine mountain. I'm not in very good shape (hey, I did have 4 kids in 5 years), and it was a very difficult climb for me. But, reaching the top was well worth it. The view was breathtaking. It really made me see just how awesome God is. Here in Indiana we just don't have scenery like that!

The boys hiked it with us. Caleb loved it!!! He would take off on ahead of us and we'd have to tell him to wait up! Josiah, on the other hand, wasn't much better than I was. But, he was so proud of himself when he made it up and down. (He did say he never wanted to climb a mountain again, LOL!).

Here's a picture of the trail going up. (Sorry, I couldn't get it resized, so you'll have to click the link).

Here is the four of us after we finally reached the top:

The hike down was MUCH better than up! It was actually fun. Hey, maybe this was the incentive I needed to get myself into shape. Only time will tell. ;)

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays...

This is birthday season at our house. Today we celebrated two of my nephews birthdays. We had a great time, and the kids chased bugs all afternoon. My family is extremely close, and between my brother, sister and I we have 10 kids (with #11 on the way). The oldest just turned eight this last week (actually on dh birthday). The kids have a great time with their cousins, and they are all best friends!!

My nephews with cousins all looking on.

Caleb finds a walking stick.

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Church progress Well, dh spent most of the day painting at our church. Last November our church was struck by lightening and burnt down. It's so e

Well, dh spent most of the day painting at our church. Last November our church was struck by lightening and burnt down. It's so exciting to have the new building be at the painting stage!! Aaron is the pastor, and has been office-less for 10 months now....which means our house has become his office.

I love having him here, but keeping the kids quiet enough for him to work has been very stressful. There was one bright spot on Monday when we started school. Aaron decided this house was just too small, so hopefully we'll start looking for something a little bigger in a couple of months!! We'll see what happens.

This is a picture of the old church before it burned.

Our new building in progress.

Friday, September 1, 2006

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Yesterday was my dh Aaron's birthday. He is now 28. The next 10 days we're the same age, and then I pull ahead of him for another year! I think I have the best husband. Although he's not perfect, I really think he's perfect for me. So today (I tried to post last night, but for some reason it wouldn't let me!) I'm just going to be thankful that God has given me such a perfect mate and encourage you to be thankful for your husbands as well. They really are a gift from the Lord. I look back at my life, and can see how He orchestrated our meeting and marriage. Every day that we have together is a gift, so let's make the most of it.


Here's my true love (with our baby Jada).


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