Sunday, September 10, 2006

One more birthday.....

Well, the birthday season is coming to an I turned 29. I had a pretty relaxing day, which was really nice. We didn't have Sunday School this morning, and our service was at 8:30 (the building we are using right now was being rented out, so we had to work around them). So, we had a long stretch between church services.

The fall chill was in the air today!! Yesterday was in the 80's so it was shockingly cold today, but I'm soooo excited. I love fall. The beauty of the leaves as they change always makes me rejoice in the majesty of God. Even the air is more invigorating, each breath makes you feel more alive. I'm so thankful that God made a world that can be so enjoyable to all of our senses, and I look forward to the next several months!

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