Wednesday, October 4, 2006

My Day.....

Today was one of those days.... This morning I was reading to Josiah on the couch. Rachel wanted to sit on my lap, but I told her to sit next to me (so she wouldn't obstruct the view of the book). She started crying and flailing around, and then hit me in the mouth with her head. She had split my lip and although I got it to stop bleeding pretty quickly, I had a fat lip.

Then this afternoon I knocked a plate off the counter and it shattered everywhere (I thought Corelle wasn't supposed to do that!). There were a million pieces all over the floor, in the dining room, in the bathroom, and even up on the counter. As I was trying to keep the kids out of the kitchen, I stepped on a small piece. It wasn't a big cut, but I once again was cleaning blood off of myself.

We just got home from church and I knew I was out of fuzzi bunz for Jada to wear to bed. I had threw them in the washer before church, so I opened the dryer, and the clothes were still wet (another problem I've been having today....drying a load of clothes three time to get them dry) I threw the diapers in with them and started it, hoping to have a dry diaper by bedtime.

I sat on the couch, and it dawned on me.....I had only rinsed the diapers, I hadn't washed them yet! So they are washing now, Jada has a disposable on, and I'm going to have to rewash the clothes in the dryer that I threw dirty diapers in with!

I think maybe I need a break before I completely lose it!!

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