Monday, November 27, 2006

It's Christmas time!!!!

We spent the thanksgiving holiday with my in-laws, we had a nice relaxing time. We needed a little break away from all that has been going on here at home.

The kids have been begging to put up the Christmas tree for over a week. We finally relented today. I'm not looking forward to keeping Jada out of the ornaments, it might have been better to put the tree up on Christmas Eve!

As we were coming home from church last night Caleb went into a long discourse about the true meaning of Christmas. He thought Josiah needed to know (he told me later, "If I weren't Josiah's big brother, he would never know what Christmas is really about). Tonight, after the Christmas tree was up I decided to have him tell me again so I could record it. Sorry about it being so dark.

Then I asked the other kids. Josiah played shy, and would barely speak at all with the camera running. Rachel didn't say much either. When I asked Jada, though, it sounds just like she says, "Jesus is." Who knows if that's what she really said, but thats the story I'm sticking to!!

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