Friday, December 22, 2006

My roller coaster week

It's been a longtime since I've visited. Two weeks ago we found out we were to be blessed with another little one. Then this past Sunday afternoon I began spotting. This is pregnancy # 5, and this is the first pregnancy where this has happened. Sunday night was our Christmas program at church, and I was Mary, so with a heavy heart we went to the church. We got home and the spotting had lessened.

Monday I called the doctor and they told me to take it easy (they must not have 4 little kids running around). I tried, but was still spotting. Aaron came home and took the older three back to work with him for the afternoon. (Jada still takes nice, long afternoon naps!). I took it easy, but right before bed, the spotting turned from the brown it had been all day to red. I went to bed in tears, sure I was losing the baby.

Tuesday, I was still spotting, but it was back to brown. I rested the whole day, and by the afternoon the spotting had stopped. I was fine both Wednesday and Thursday.

Today, I decided I needed to get some of the Christmas prep done I had intended to do earlier in the week. We got our cookies frosted, I made candy, I got food prepared for tomorrow (we are having our celebration tomorrow, then leave Sunday to go to his parents for Christmas). I sat down in the afternoon, exhausted. I went to the restroom, and I was bleeding. So I laid down, and things lessened to light brown spotting.

I feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride!! God is really showing me, though, that he is in control. I'm not very good at waiting, but that is all we can do at this point. Please keep me in your prayers if you think of it.

On another note, Caleb and Josiah were having a little fight last night in the hallway, and Caleb's bottom tooth got knocked out. He said it hadn't been loose, but he also said it hadn't hurt to lose it. He was crying so hard, because he was scared!!! The funny thing is he has been looking forward to losing his first tooth. Both of his younger cousins had already lost their first teeth. I finally got him calmed down. He put the tooth under his pillow last night, and proudly came in with his dollar this morning.

He then proceeded to ask what I had done with the tooth. I told him I was saving it to put in his baby book. Aaron wondered if it was worth going through all the trouble of putting the tooth under his pillow, if we were going to tell him the truth about the tooth fairy. Caleb and I both said, "Yes!! It's still fun!"

Have a Merry Christmas.

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