Monday, January 22, 2007

Caleb's short attention span........and my frustrations

We've been struggling a bit since we've started school back up after the holidays. Caleb has soooo much trouble concentrating. I'm sure he would be diagnosed with ADD (since his Dad is!), but I don't want to put him on medication. I know that the older he gets, the more he will be able to focus (Aaron does much better now than even when we met), but it is really a struggle daily to muddle through his work.

He really struggles with order of his letters and numbers. He makes them backwards half of the time, and the right way the other half. He can't even tell by looking at them that they are backwards!!

He also has trouble concentrating long enough to read. He can actually read fairly well for his age, but he loses his place and starts guessing on words (that he knows). He usually does this when anything happens in the room at all to distract him. With three younger siblings there are always distractions!

I'm trying to be patient with him, and keep lessons short, but it is really hard! Math is especially hard, I'm not sure how to shorten lessons. On good days he speeds right through, but on bad days he can spend hours doing just a few problems!!

Those are my current frustrations. I really love him, and I know that home is definitely the place for him. He could never make it in a public school classroom! We'll just keep trudging on, and try little by little to increase that attention span!

Posted: 9:14 PM, Jan. 22, 2007

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