Saturday, February 3, 2007

A Deep Freeze!

I hate cold. I was in college when I first realized my extreme dislike of cold. As the lab assistant in the biology department I would spend much of my time in the office one of the biology professors. I would have to walk across campus (a very small campus) to get there. In the winter the professor started asking me why I was out of breath when I got to her office. Was I feeling O.K.?

Within the week, I began to pay attention as I was outside walking. I noticed I was holding my breath while I was walking to avoid breathing in the frigid air!! No wonder I was out of breath!! I had been doing this subconsciously, maybe my whole life. Once I was aware of this, though, it was just proof positive that cold and I do not agree!!

I think I've passed this hatred of cold onto my children. Caleb is the only one who has any interest in playing outside when it's cold.. Of course the trade off is that I have crazy kids all winter long!! As a mother I know I should make them go outside and run off all their energy, but as a hater of cold I can't imagine forcing my little ones to breath that horrible cold air into their lungs!!

All this to say, that with wind chills it is supposed to be in the -15 to -20 degree range over the next several days The kids will definitely be stir crazy. But, a mug of hot chocolate and a good book sounds great to me!!! If it is just as cold where you are, keep inside & stay warm!

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