Tuesday, March 27, 2007


We're all well....finally. Last Friday Caleb finally took a huge jump in his reading ability. He is doing so much better, and says that reading is fun!! It's strange how it just clicked, and now he's really excited. He's reading several Dr. Suess books now in one sitting. (Before it was a struggle to get him to read his 2 page spread in his I Can Read It readers every day). And the best part is that he thinks its fun!

Josiah also started sounding out words last week. He has read several Bob Books. He thinks he's pretty big stuff!

Rachel thinks she can read, too. She does know the sounds for about 10 letters. She never likes anyone else to get attention, so as soon as the boys start getting praised, she has to chime in, "But I can read, too!" Yeah, right!!

It's been a pretty exciting week at school, maybe they should get sick for a week and a half more often! (I don't think so!).

Posted: 3:46 PM, Mar. 27, 2007

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