Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Illegal driving

Yesterday, I was at my Mom's. We had just gotten home from visiting my brand new Nephew (one week old Titus) and my sister (who is recovering from her first C-Section. We (along with my grandma) were talking about something (I can't remember what) and I decided to check my drivers license expiration date. Sure enough, it expired last September. My Mom lives about an hour away from me, so my Grandma's immediate response was, "Now that you know that, your sure to get pulled over on the way home."

Well, that set me to worrying. I've been yelling at Aaron for several weeks about his driving, and narrow escapes from tickets. Just a couple weeks ago an officer actually turned his lights on and back off as we were passing him on our way home from church. I think he was warning him to slow down. It would look really bad if I got pulled over and had an expired license!!

I've also been warning Aaron for months to get the turn signals fixed. Neither of our front turn signals are working and I've had at least one time in the past couple months I was sure I was going to be pulled over for it. (A police car was waiting to turn out of a road that I was turning into). Needless to say, my drive home from my Mom's yesterday was the safest I've driven for years. I drove right at the speed limit (O.K., a couple of mph over) and paid attention to each car in my vicinity. I still didn't have turn signals, though.
Thankfully I made it home without being pulled over!!

Today Aaron took me and I got my license renewed. I am now legal again!! (Of course I'm $26 in the hole, but that's another story!!).


  1. Glad you didn't get pulled over! I would be paranoid about that too!

    Thanks for linking up and nice to "meet" you! : )

  2. I always worry more when I know something like that too. It's just natural. Glad you didn't get pulled over either.


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