Monday, August 27, 2007

Of double decker PB&J's...

We all have bad days. As mothers we sometimes have days where nothing goes right. The kids are grumpy, we're grumpy, then even our belongings get grumpy. Today is one of those days. I've been physically exhausted since bible school in July. We had bible school, refinished our hardwood floors (which involved moving all of our belongings out of the house, then back in.....and the actual refinishing of the hardwood), vacation, starting school.....all within a month. When I get tired, I have trouble with heart palpitations, which have been bothering me the last week.

Rachel pulled a huge dresser over last night....I saw it happening and was able to stop it before it squished her or Jada. So what does she do this morning....she climbs in the drawers again just like last night. Thankfully Aaron caught her this time before she tipped it over again. Then, Jada was eating breakfast and fell off the chair onto the floor. She was fine, but I could tell it was going to be a bad day. Then the lid fell off her sippy cup, and milk dumped all over the floor. As I was cleaning that up I heard a crash from the kitchen. Josiah had pulled a crockpot full of beans off the counter....and they were everywhere!

You're probably wondering what this has to do with double decker Peanut Butter and Jellies. Well, by lunch time my brain was fried! I was making peanut butter and jellies for lunch. I made one sandwich, then without paying attention started jellying the next. Then I realized I was jellying the top of the sandwich I had already made! So, what's a mom to do? I slapped another piece of bread with peanut butter on it on top....a double decker PB&J!!

The boys thought it was really cool, and that I was a great momma! I decided not to tell them the whole truth. Because someday they'll be parents and they'll totally understand!

Church Picnic

Yesterday was our annual church picnic. We had a fun time of food and fellowship. The kids played lots of games, including a three-legged race with the adults! Here is a picture of Josiah racing with an older gentleman from our church. Jo is in green.

Lot's of fun!!

Caleb was busy catching spiders. You heard me right....spiders. He caught one that had an egg sack still attached to it. He begged and begged to take it home so he could watch the eggs hatch. Now, a good homeschooling mom would have said, "sure, of course." I guess I'm not a good homeschooling mom! The thought of hundreds of baby spiders hatching out anywhere near my house makes me want to scream!!! I. Hate. Spiders. I promptly told him to dump it out and leave it in the church yard!!

An interesting leaf...

Rachel found this leaf outside in the yard on Saturday.
A perfect figure 8 enclosed in a circle. Pretty cool!

Riding a bike!!

While we were on vacation, Josiah finally decided to remove his training wheels. His younger cousin had been teasing him all week about the training wheels, so that pushed him to act! Within minutes he was riding like he'd been doing it for years! Good Job, Josiah!

Vacation Pictures

We've been back from vacation for a little over a week. I've been having trouble with my photo editing program...this is the third time I've tried to post pictures...hopefully the third time's the charm!

We spent a week camping with my family (my parents, grandma, brother and his family, sister and her family) in Michigan near Lake Michigan. It was a relaxing week...a lot of time spent hanging around the campground. It was blueberry days at the campground, there were blueberry bushes interspersed throughout the campsites.

We snacked on delicious blueberries all week, and picked a bucket to take home with us. The kids made a little extra money picking....$2 for a bucket. Caleb picked one bucket!

We went to Deer Forest in Coloma, MI one day. The kids were able to feed deer and other farm animals from their hands. There were also many rides for them to ride.

a close up of one of the deer

The girls feeding the deer.

My Grandma riding on the helicopter ride with Jada! Go Grandma!!

The boys in jail (thats a cardboard cutout of John Wayne next to them).

The kids inside of Peter Pumpkin-eater's shell.

Almost all the cousins on the slide (baby Titus was missing).

We also visit the beach and dunes on Lake Michigan.
Jada and Cousin Titus.

The kids pose on a rock. (Aaron is peaking behind...he's the spotter!).

And finally...a family picture on the beach.

We had fun, but it's nice to be home! Our tiny house feels so big after living in a pop-up camper for a week!

Challenge challenged...

Well, I've learned a little bit about my reading habits over the last several months. I like to read what I like to read, when I like to read it. Challenges do not seem to be working for me. I feel pressure to read books that I don't feel like reading. If I don't feel like reading them....I just don't read! The Challenges have sucked all the joy out of reading. I've decided to read what I want....if I get to the challenge books, great, if not, then it'll be O.K. Just remind me of this if I'm ever tempted to join a challenge again!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Canning Tomatoes

Today we canned tomato juice and froze peaches. My Grandma, Mom, Sister and I got together at my sister's house to work. Canning is a messy affair....just ask Grandma!! Her nice white sweatshirt is now splattered with tomato juice (yes, it was thanks to me! Sorry Grandma!).

The kids each took a turn cranking.
My niece Gabriela.

And here is my Mom slicing up peaches:

I didn't get any pictures of my sister (she's the photographer!).
We got 42 quarts of tomato juice and 18 quarts of peaches. It was a messy, hard day...but we had fun!
Next week we're hopefully doing corn, salsa and diced tomatoes.

Posted: 2:22 PM, Aug. 21, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

Caleb's first Writing Assignment

Caleb Peer
2nd Grade

My little cuddly friend

My frog is very, very cuddly. He’s as green as grass and trees. His eyes are green and black. He has black polk-a-dots and he has green fur. He’s cuddly like sitting on the couch with my Mom. He likes lollipops. He’s as soft as a fuzzy caterpillar. I feel like he loves me, but he isn’t alive.

And here are some pictures of Caleb and his froggy friend:


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