Monday, August 27, 2007

Church Picnic

Yesterday was our annual church picnic. We had a fun time of food and fellowship. The kids played lots of games, including a three-legged race with the adults! Here is a picture of Josiah racing with an older gentleman from our church. Jo is in green.

Lot's of fun!!

Caleb was busy catching spiders. You heard me right....spiders. He caught one that had an egg sack still attached to it. He begged and begged to take it home so he could watch the eggs hatch. Now, a good homeschooling mom would have said, "sure, of course." I guess I'm not a good homeschooling mom! The thought of hundreds of baby spiders hatching out anywhere near my house makes me want to scream!!! I. Hate. Spiders. I promptly told him to dump it out and leave it in the church yard!!

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