Sunday, September 23, 2007

After the Leaves Fall by Nicole Baart

Julia DeSmit is abandoned by her mother, orphaned by her Dad, and feels forgotten by God. This story takes Julia on a journey of self discovery. It follows her through friendships and relationships through her last years of high school and first year of college. Every time her heart is broken, your heart breaks right along with her. Her young life is filled with so much pain...and as she tries to reinvent herself you slip with her further and further.

I am a Christian, but rarely enjoy Christian Fiction. Usually it is full of fake people with unrealistic endings that are always happy. This book is so different than the norm. It is a beautiful book, full of less than perfect people...and grace and forgiveness. It is a book that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Rating: 4/5
First line: "Waiting is a complicated longing."
Last line: "It's a different kind of longing."

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