Saturday, February 28, 2009

Matthew 5

The Chapter starts out with the Beattitudes. We get a view of the way that God wants us to live our lives. Then Jesus tells us we are to be salt and light to the world. As we rub shoulders with others in our everyday lives, we should be a light that points them to the Father and gives honor to him.

Then Jesus raises the bar on the law. He turns it from outward actions, to the inward heart. You can do all the right things, but if your heart is not pure it doesn't matter. I think often we as Christians worry so much about the outside...looking good for everyone around us...that we ignore how dirty our hearts are. Jesus cares about our heart, not the outside.

Jesus finishes off by telling us how to treat our enemies...with love. It really doesn't say much about us if we love those who love us, but if we love those who hate us we are showing a strength that only comes from Him. This is so hard to do! He talks about not retaliating, turning the other cheek. Once again, this is so hard! When someone harms us our natural instinct is to hold a grudge and wish them harm. But, he calls us to do the love them. What a challenge to us!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Homeschool Plans for Next Year

It's that time of year when I start looking ahead to next year as far as curriculum goes. I think I have everything decided on for next year! I always love to see what other people are I thought I would post what I am planning for next year.

For Both Boys:
Sonlight Core 2 - I will add in Notebooking pages, writing assignments and a few Hands-on things to go with the core.
Christian Kids Explore Earth Space Science (I am only doing the Earth part of this...we are supposed to finish off this year with studying space...which I might carry over into the summer, since that is a much better time to study the stars anyway!). This will only take about 20 I plan on finishing the year with RS4K Pre-Chemistry.
Artistic Pursuits
Basic Piano Lessons (taught by me) - if they decide they like piano...and would like to learn more in depth we will eventually get them lessons.

For the Girls:
Sonlight Core PK (they don't call it that anymore, but that's what it was when I bought it). I've cut some books I didn't like when we did it with the boys...and will add in some books. I also plan on making up some Notebooking pages to go along with this. (I really enjoyed looking back at Caleb's notebooking pages when I transferred my blog posts earlier this week!).

Caleb (4th Grade):
  • Horizons Math 4
  • Growing with Grammar 4
  • Italics E for Handwriting
  • Sonlight's 2 Advanced Readers
  • Wordly Wise
  • Sequential Spelling (continue on with first book...move on to 2nd book)
  • Writing Strands 3 (continue on where we leave off...move on to book 4)
  • We are going to start him in Greek next year - using Hey Andrew! (and his Dad!!)
  • Typing
Josiah (2nd Grade)
  • Horizons Math 2
  • ETC books 4-6
  • Sonlight 2 readers (I will own all of these, so I will decide the specific level depending on where his reading is next fall).
  • First Language Lessons 2
  • HWT Book 2
  • Sonlight's Spelling lists and writing assignments for LA2
Rachel (Kindergarten)
  • Horizons Math K
  • ETC books 1-3
  • Phonics Pathways
  • Sonlight's K readers
  • Italics Book A
Jada (Preschool)
  • ETC primers
  • maybe some of Rod & Staffs preschool books

I may add in Abeka's health...I haven't decide yet. So that's what I have planned for next year! Now, I'll be spending the next several months getting it ordered and then getting a final plan down...over the next couple months I will go in to detail of all I do to plan. (I love to plan...more than I like to carry out the plan, unfortunately!!).

Homeschooling Week in Review

The next several months will be lighter school days. I'm running out of energy now at the end of this pregnancy...and I plan to take it easy for several weeks once she is born. But, here is what we accomplished this week. As long as we are plugging along, I figure we'll be O.K. We finished Week 22 in Sonlight Core 1. We also covered the basics this week for both boys (Math, Reading, Grammar, Handwriting). Caleb has also kept up with his Spelling and Vocabulary. Caleb has a written Narration to complete he is doing a little writing. (He also wrote a story on his own this week). Rachel started Book 2 of her ETC primers...I think she would do the whole book in one sitting if I let her. I'm trying to keep her to a letter a that it can all sink in! That is about it for this week!

Matthew 4

This Chapter starts out with the temptation of Jesus. Satan tempts Jesus, but Jesus answers him with scripture. It is very interesting to me that Satan uses scripture as well. It is very hard to know if someone is twisting scripture to see things through their own vantage point. That is why it is so important to look at all of scripture as a whole...not just pick bits and pieces.

Jesus then begins his ministry. He relocates, once again to fulfill scripture.

He then calls four of his disciples...all fisherman. It is amazing to me that they just leave what they were doing and follow him. Am I that dedicated and faithful? What a testimony to those of us to come of the way we should respond when Jesus calls.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

We've been learning about ancient China in school, so we decided to get Chinese food for supper and use chopsticks to eat. Aaron did a little research online, and figured out how to use them. Then he taught the boys. Caleb did a pretty good job.

Josiah couldn't quite get the hang of it. He posed for this picture! (He also got soy sauce all over his shirt sleeve from the big drops he spilled on the table!).

Rachel has a set of training chopsticks. She of course had no problem using them!!

I can't use chop sticks...not enough coordination! I just used a fork. A great dinner...educational fun and I didn't even have to cook!!

New Bed

We bought a King size mattress about 2 years ago. We love all the space and room we have. We didn't have the money to buy an actual bed, so we just put the mattress on a metal frame (with casters...on a wood floor...need I say more?). As the birth of our new little one got closer and closer, I told Aaron I would really like a headboard for our bed. When I nurse in the middle of the night I need something to lean against. (And if I tried to just lean against the wall with our current frame I would just roll the whole bed across the floor...and probably fall out!).

This week he bought me a bed. It's our first bed! We've had a headboard in the past, but never a full bed with side rails and foot board all together. I'm so excited!! We found the cheapest one we could find...but I'm still very excited!! Now I can nurse in the middle of the night in comfort. Thanks Hon!!

Things I love Thursday

One thing I love is the feeling of my baby moving inside of me. I am in my last month of pregnancy, and each kick and movement is so precious to me. As I go about my day it becomes background...I sometimes don't even notice the movements. This of course worries me, and I sit down waiting for those treasured movements. I feel them, and all is right in the world!

This is one of the only things I miss about pregnancy after the baby is born. Even though I don't always notice each and every movement...after the little one is in my arms, I can feel the emptiness. I miss those prods and ripples. It is such a wonderful feeling...really just so miraculous! One of the best feelings on the earth!

(It took several tries to get baby Sarah to cooperate with those kicks...everytime I would turn the camera off she would kick...when I turned it on she would stop!)

To see more things that people love go here.

Matthew 3

~John the Baptist~

This chapter begins with yet another fulfillment of prophecy. Then it tells of John the Baptist baptising those who have repented of their sins. The Pharisees and Saducees show up, and he calls them on the table for their lack of true repentance. Jesus is coming and will baptize with the holy spirit and fire...and you better be sure your repentance is real.

Jesus' baptism then occurs. The trinity all together.

Wow. Jesus came indeed...his baptism is powerful and real. And yet I live most of my life as if it didn't really happen. Am I like the Pharisees....or am I a woman of true repentance.

Dear me to live my life fully for you. Help me to focus on you and you alone. Let my fruits show forth, showing you in all I do. Amen.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bible Reading - Matthew 1&2

~Prophecy fulfilled~

The first two chapters of Matthew focus on Jesus' genealogy (through Joseph) and His birth. His birth story is told from the viewpoint of prophecies fulfilled in his birth. Five prophecies are told in these two chapters.

First - He will be born of a virgin.
Second - He will be born in Bethlehem
Third - I called my son out of Egypt
Fourth - Mothers weeping and mourning the loss of their sons.
Fifth - He will be a Nazarene.

Then all the things God had to orchestrate to fulfill these five prophecies are laid out. A truly miraculous birth...and a God who provides.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Evergreen


I've decided to combine my homeschooling blog and this blog...and just have one blog for everything. I'll be adding all my homeschooling stuff over the next few days and closing that one down. I haven't kept up with either blog over the last hopefully this will help me keep up!

Practical Tip Tuesday

Megan is hosting Practical Tip Tuesday. Since I enjoy reading all of the tips...I thought I would add a tip of my own. To keep your drains clear sprinkle a couple tablespoons of baking soda down them. Pour 1/2 cup vinegar over top of the soda. Let it bubble for a few seconds...then follow it with lots of hot water. It's like a bubbling science experiment in your drain!! I don't measure...just sprinkle the soda, pour enough vinegar to dissolve and bubble all the soda, then let the water run. This won't clear a clogged drain, but it will keep your drains from clogging...and smelling fresh!


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