Friday, February 27, 2009

Homeschool Plans for Next Year

It's that time of year when I start looking ahead to next year as far as curriculum goes. I think I have everything decided on for next year! I always love to see what other people are I thought I would post what I am planning for next year.

For Both Boys:
Sonlight Core 2 - I will add in Notebooking pages, writing assignments and a few Hands-on things to go with the core.
Christian Kids Explore Earth Space Science (I am only doing the Earth part of this...we are supposed to finish off this year with studying space...which I might carry over into the summer, since that is a much better time to study the stars anyway!). This will only take about 20 I plan on finishing the year with RS4K Pre-Chemistry.
Artistic Pursuits
Basic Piano Lessons (taught by me) - if they decide they like piano...and would like to learn more in depth we will eventually get them lessons.

For the Girls:
Sonlight Core PK (they don't call it that anymore, but that's what it was when I bought it). I've cut some books I didn't like when we did it with the boys...and will add in some books. I also plan on making up some Notebooking pages to go along with this. (I really enjoyed looking back at Caleb's notebooking pages when I transferred my blog posts earlier this week!).

Caleb (4th Grade):
  • Horizons Math 4
  • Growing with Grammar 4
  • Italics E for Handwriting
  • Sonlight's 2 Advanced Readers
  • Wordly Wise
  • Sequential Spelling (continue on with first book...move on to 2nd book)
  • Writing Strands 3 (continue on where we leave off...move on to book 4)
  • We are going to start him in Greek next year - using Hey Andrew! (and his Dad!!)
  • Typing
Josiah (2nd Grade)
  • Horizons Math 2
  • ETC books 4-6
  • Sonlight 2 readers (I will own all of these, so I will decide the specific level depending on where his reading is next fall).
  • First Language Lessons 2
  • HWT Book 2
  • Sonlight's Spelling lists and writing assignments for LA2
Rachel (Kindergarten)
  • Horizons Math K
  • ETC books 1-3
  • Phonics Pathways
  • Sonlight's K readers
  • Italics Book A
Jada (Preschool)
  • ETC primers
  • maybe some of Rod & Staffs preschool books

I may add in Abeka's health...I haven't decide yet. So that's what I have planned for next year! Now, I'll be spending the next several months getting it ordered and then getting a final plan down...over the next couple months I will go in to detail of all I do to plan. (I love to plan...more than I like to carry out the plan, unfortunately!!).

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  1. Thanks for the post..I also love to see what people are using for the different grades...I've heard alittle of SonLight...I've heard it involves lots of reading...lots is that true b/c we all know that means lots of time invested....I am looking to change up some things this coming school year. I have used Abeka all three years and have really liked it and the kids seem to do well and excel with this curriculm. The only thing I am thinking of changing is Lance's way of schooling...I am considering the whole DVD series through Abeka b/c that would really free me up to work more with Zach (PK) and Caleb (1st). It is SOOOOO expensive though and I don't get to cycle it through all the kiddos I have to give it back.
    Anyway I have considered SonLight for next year maybe could you fill in the gaps a bit on how things are laid out????
    Maybe we should do a little girls' night out in order to accomplish this????? I am always up for that too!!


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