Friday, February 27, 2009

Homeschooling Week in Review

The next several months will be lighter school days. I'm running out of energy now at the end of this pregnancy...and I plan to take it easy for several weeks once she is born. But, here is what we accomplished this week. As long as we are plugging along, I figure we'll be O.K. We finished Week 22 in Sonlight Core 1. We also covered the basics this week for both boys (Math, Reading, Grammar, Handwriting). Caleb has also kept up with his Spelling and Vocabulary. Caleb has a written Narration to complete he is doing a little writing. (He also wrote a story on his own this week). Rachel started Book 2 of her ETC primers...I think she would do the whole book in one sitting if I let her. I'm trying to keep her to a letter a that it can all sink in! That is about it for this week!

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