Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Bed

We bought a King size mattress about 2 years ago. We love all the space and room we have. We didn't have the money to buy an actual bed, so we just put the mattress on a metal frame (with casters...on a wood floor...need I say more?). As the birth of our new little one got closer and closer, I told Aaron I would really like a headboard for our bed. When I nurse in the middle of the night I need something to lean against. (And if I tried to just lean against the wall with our current frame I would just roll the whole bed across the floor...and probably fall out!).

This week he bought me a bed. It's our first bed! We've had a headboard in the past, but never a full bed with side rails and foot board all together. I'm so excited!! We found the cheapest one we could find...but I'm still very excited!! Now I can nurse in the middle of the night in comfort. Thanks Hon!!


  1. I can't believe you don't want to go on a midnight ride! Sounds like a blast! Glad you got something you want! Enjoy being up in the middle of the night!HEHE! I know my time is coming!

  2. I love Genesa's comment on the midnight ride!!! I can just picture it :) Congrats on the new bed!!! If you are anything like me the fact that it was cheap doesn't play into the happiness factor...unless you count it as it makes you even got something you really wanted and you didn't have to break the bank doing it!


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