Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Practical Tip Tuesday-Recipe Storage

Keeping track of recipes is a daunting task. I hate having to search through cookbooks for my most used recipes. I read somewhere to use a large binder...but that was just too big and bulky to have lying around while I'm trying to cook in my little kitchen. So, one day I had a revelation! Recipe cards are 4" x 6"....and so are photos. Why don't I use a small photo album? So that is what I did. I bought 4 photo albums.

I divided them into categories (I have main dishes, desserts, misc. (includes sides, salads, breads, breakfast), and then the fourth I have menu items (maybe I'll talk about this some other time) and beverages in).

Then, within each category, I have sub-categories. For example in the mains I have it further divided into Soups, Beef, Chicken and Misc. I used tabs to label each section, so that it is easy to find exactly what I'm looking for.

Then, I just put my recipe cards in. Some, I had to retype to get them to fit the 4 x 6 format...but most were that size anyway. I can remove recipes if they fall out of favor (I haven't had to do that yet!) and I can add new favorites. I only put recipes that I actually use in these...I store ones I want to try elsewhere.

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  1. I NEED THIS! I have also seen the big binders, but it's too much to store on my counter or in a drawer. THIS I like! Great Idea!!! Thanks!!!

  2. Yep I need this too! Mine are all over the place and a lot are printed of the internet just on reg. paper! way too big!

    Now all I need is the time to do this task!!!

    great tip, thanks for linking!!


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