Friday, March 13, 2009

Loving my Husband Friday

I've decided to start Loving my Husband Fridays. It will be a time to focus on our marriages and our husbands. I know that sometimes I focus more on the negatives in my marriage than the positive. I want this to be a weekly reminder to think of the things you appreciate about your husband, the things that you love about him, the things you admire. Hopefully, by focusing once a week on something positive we will build stronger more intimate marriages.

Maybe even send your husband a link, if he doesn't read your blog. Everybody loves to be praised and appreciated! Also, while you are writing your blog post for the week, remember to pray for your marriage and your husband.

You can add your name to Mr. Linky...and pray for the marriages of other ladies, as well, as we read of how they love their husbands.

This week I've been trying to keep the house clean and ready...since I'm expecting little Sarah any day. On Monday morning, I went back into my room to make our bed...and it was already made. Then, Tuesday morning the same thing happened! I went in Wednesday morning and the bed was made took me until Wednesday to realize that Aaron was going out of his way to make the bed (and pick up the dirty clothes on the floor) just for me! I appreciate his thoughtfulness and servants heart. Thanks Aaron

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  1. You girls and your fun (!!!!) ideas. What a great thing you thought of and like you said what a great reminder each week of keeping our second priority (GOD being #1) where it belongs....sometimes it is hard keeping it that way with all the kiddos under foot!
    I can't wait to write something and link up!!! I am hoping this afternoon to do that!!


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