Monday, March 30, 2009

Making your Home Sing Monday

Today I decided to participate in Making your Home Sing Mondays. You can go here for the rules to participate.

My oldest loves to have a schedule with check-off boxes for his school assignments. I make him one in word...and write each of his assignments on it. Then as he finishes an assignment he checks it off. Over the last several months I haven't made him any schedules. The last few months of pregnancy and first few weeks with a newborn have left me too tired to get his schedule around. We've been doing a lighter load (math, grammar and reading) over those weeks, so I just told him to do the next thing.

Well, the last two months have really been a struggle to get even those minimum subjects done. Every day was a battle. So, yesterday I made up his schedules for this week. I even made a schedule for son #2 and my schedule as well. This morning my oldest set right to work...without complaint...and worked until all his work was done. It's amazing what a difference that little piece of paper makes for him! The morning was calm(er) and productive. This definitely made my home sing!

(Unfortunately the list is not a motivator for son #2...I still need to figure out what motivates him!).


  1. What a great post! Having a baby, or having sick parents, or any number of things always threw off my school schedule. I built in winter break so that we could play catch-up if we needed to. If we didn't, we got a week off.

    My oldest always loved lists too. My second son was motivated by playtime. I made sure that I built in a couple of short breaks (seven minutes) and a long break (30 minutes) into his school schedule.

    At 16 he still has a couple of breaks built in. It helps him to know that there is an end to his work. If he works diligently and gets it done, he gets a break earlier than dragging it out and going onto the next thing.

    I saved my schedules from son #1 an used them for son #2. That way I don't have to replan. Thanks for joining us today!

  2. I LOVE lists too. I can relate to your son... the joy I feel when I cross something off the list is just dandy!!
    Great job helping your son thrive!

  3. I've just returned to a more formal weekly curriculum, too, for the same reasons you wrote had become a struggle to get even the minimum done and no one was happy. One child wakes up early and gets done early and one dawdles, but still knows the work that must get done. Now that there is no question what my expectations are, we are all doing better. I love lists (I use them for chores, too!)

  4. Great post!! I love lists...always me to keep my focus throughout the day and remember the things I need to get done!
    We are nearing the end of our school year only 37 days now!!! I hope that keeps motivating my boys I know it does me!!


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