Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Matthew 6

~Giving should be a private thing. If we do it to get the reward of the people around us...that will be our reward. Once again, an attitude of humbleness is required.

~Prayer should also be done privately. It is not something to show how pious we are. It is a private time to talk to our Lord. We also are to just repeat words over and over just to make it long. The lord's prayer is focused on us focusing on God and his provision.

~Fasting, likewise, should be a private thing between you and God alone.

~do not store up treasure here on earth, but treasure in heaven. Man...this seems so contrary to everything in our world. I'm not quite sure how far to take it. Should I not have any "things" on this earth. This is going to be something I continue to challenge myself on. Am I treasuring the things on this earth? I think I probably do. Am I serving God or money. Definitely one to think on.

~Don't worry about things. God will provide your needs, so spend your time working for him, and leave it all up to him.

Wow. A pretty profound chapter. So many decisions we make are financial decisions. Will we have more children? No, we can't afford them. Will we help this person? No we don't have the money. Of course, we've spent money we didn't have, and now are having to repay it (mostly for our student loans).

I'm just not sure where the line is. Is it wrong to have new things. Is it wrong to have this computer, and the TV and video games? Should we not have any furniture? Where is the line? Something to think about.

God...Thank you so much for your provision. You truly do provide. And yet with all you give us, we still want more. Forgive me for this. Help me to focus on you and your treasure. Amen.

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  1. yeah these are hard verses (to me) I think if your seeking God's will on it he will give you the right answer.


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