Monday, March 9, 2009

Matthew 9

Jesus starts out this chapter by forgiving a man's sins. I find it interesting that he forgives his sins because of the faith of the friends. I'll have to look into it a little more, that doesn't seem quite right. But, anyway, the Pharisees knew exactly what Jesus was claiming...that he was God. They called him a blasphemer. He then responded, which is easier to forgive sins, or tell this man to walk, and continues to heal the man. This is a clear example of Jesus declaring he is God!

Jesus then called Matthew as his disciple. The Pharisees were, of course, upset that he would spend his time with such sinners as tax collectors. Jesus lets them know that he came for sinners...not those who considered themselves righteous. I often see the same attitude as the Pharisees within our churches. We wouldn't even consider being seen with certain "sinners". We often forget that we are all sinners!

Jesus then goes on to perform several miracles. A man comes, asking Him to raise his dead daughter. As Jesus heads that way, a woman with bleeding issues comes close to touch the hem of his garments...believing this will heal her. Jesus turns to her and tells her her faith has healed her...and she is immediately healed. He then goes and raises the little girl. Then, two blind men approach him, asking to be healed. Jesus asked them if they believed he could do it...they say yes...and Jesus lets them know their faith has healed them. Then finally he drives a demon out of a man who has been mute. He can immediately speak!

Jesus ends the chapter by discussing the great need for people to hear the gospel...and the few workers. Calling on all to go out in service for Him.

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