Thursday, March 26, 2009

Living Lovely with Famly

This week at Mt. Hope Chronicles Living Lovely with Family we're discussing special treats, random surprises, and seasonal activities.

I'm typing with one hand, while holding the baby, so I will just list a few.

Since it's March Madness time, I'll tell you about filling out our brackets. We each fill out our brackets, and keep track of points. Whoever wins gets to pick a place for us to go out to eat. So, we have a little friendly competition...then enjoy dinner out as a family.

We also let each kid pick someplace to go out to for their birthday. This ranges from a nicer restaurant to Chuck E Cheese to a cheaper restaurant and a movie at the dollar theater. Again, we all get to go out together as a family and each kid gets to do something special.

Special treats make me think of food. Some special treats we make only occasionally are lemon shake-ups, fluffy hot chocolate, oven baked caramel corn, and Cheeseball.

We like to take hikes in the warmer months. We always take a drive with hot chocolate at Christmas time to look at lights. We carve a pumpkin together in the fall.

Check out some more ideas here.


  1. Fun ideas! I've wanted to do the hot chocolate and Christmas lights idea, but was a little scared to try that with three little boys. :) Maybe this coming Christmas will be the perfect time to start... Thanks for sharing!!

  2. aaah, yes, we are headed to one of those "pick your restaurant" birthday dinner tomorrow. Somehow it becomes more expensive when they hit teenager-hood!


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