Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby Haze

As I was nursing my sweet baby in the middle of the night last night, I thought about the baby haze. "What's the baby haze?", you might wonder. You've heard of the baby blues, but not the baby haze? Let me tell you about the baby haze.

It starts in the last months of pregnancy, and continues on through the first months of your baby's life. It starts with you forgetting what you're doing. Why are you standing in the kitchen with the refrigerator open? Oh yeah, you needed to brush your teeth. Why is there eggs boiling on the stove with no water in them? Oh, you forgot you were cooking them.

Then it progresses further. You'll be reading your favorite blog or book. Soon you realize you don't remember a thing you read! It's like there's a hole in your head that is leaking out all the information you put in. Then, you're in the middle of a conversation and totally forget what you're going to say. The words were all in your head...then on the way to your mouth they fall out the aforementioned hole! And worse yet, individual words seem to fall through the hole right when you need them. If you hear yourself saying, "You know, the thing we watch in the evening...with pictures on has shows...what's it called?" (O.K., for full disclosure I've never forgotten the word T.V., but I've forgotten equally easy words!), you know the baby haze has hit you!!

And things you understood so easily before, now make no sense. In the midst of an intelligent conversation the other person sounds like the teacher on Charlie Brown. I've found myself telling my husband often in the last few months, "I don't understand a word you just said. Say it again....slowly!" When I finally get brain hurts!

Now, I know I can't be the only one that experiences baby haze. I experienced it for 5 straight years (Had 4 kids in 5 years). Then, I had a few years of having a clear mind. Now I am having to readjust to the baby haze again! And I'll admit it's difficult feeling stupid all the time. I think God uses the baby haze to teach some of us a little humility! But, it is nice to have something to blame all those stupid things we do on!

So, if you see errors in my blog posts...or they just don't make sense...remember I'm in the midst of the baby haze. If I am in the midst of a conversation with you and I stare at you blankly or make comments that make no sense...remember I'm in the midst of the baby haze. If you see me looking for the sugar in the bathroom...remember I'm in the midst of the baby haze.
Cut me a little slack. (And I'll do the same for you!)


  1. Oh how I can relate!!! I just laughed the whole way through reading your post...thinking...yep...yep....
    although I sometimes still feel like that haze is still lingering!!
    I actually planned to blog that sometime soon...funny you wrote this post also!!!

  2. I have no idea what your talking about!!!!!!!

  3. O.k., so what is my excuse? My baby is now 16! Can it last that long, 'cause I'm blamin' something!!!

    I just use the word "thing" alot. "Can you get me that thing? Did you see the thing? Where's the thingy? Do you remember what I did with the thingy?"

  4. I'm sure there is a teenager haze, too! And sometimes the haze hangs on for years.

  5. Yep haze, I was wondering what my excuse was...I must just have some permanent haze!! Or sometimes I think mine is more like a heavy fog than haze!!

  6. I am definately under the umbrella of haze....

  7. Ahh, that's what it is! I have been experiencing this for the last five years and my youngest is 3. I'm wondering if it will ever go away!


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