Tuesday, April 28, 2009

God is in Control - Part 1

I think those of us who are believers believe that God is in control and His ways are best. But, I think sometimes in the nitty gritty details of life we somehow forget. We forget to look to God as the supplier of all our needs. We think we can take care of things ourselves. I can think of three distinct circumstances in my life where God was shouting at me, "I will take care of things. My timing is perfect." I think I'll share each one over the next several days. Maybe my story will encourage you to look to your own life and see where God has worked.

When Aaron graduated from Seminary, we thought he would have a job right away. He had won most of the awards the seminary gives out. He had professors reccommending him at churches where they were greatly respected. We started looking months before graduation. We had been living in my parents basement for two years. We were ready to get out (and they were ready for us to leave!). We had great expectations of being out weeks within graduation.

Graduation came around and we hadn't heard back from any churches. We were in a holding pattern, waiting for a church to come along. We were finding that most churches wanted someone older and with experience. Finally, a church called us to candidate. We drove the five or six hours to the church and spent the weekend. We drove home very discouraged. Should you take a pastorate just to have a job...knowing it wasn't a good fit? We decided not. It was definitely not a good fit for us...so we were back at square one.

We were frustrated and feeling a little desperate. Then we learned of a small church just miles from the church we attended. Aaron sent his resume, and we heard back right away. They asked us to come and candidate for the whole month of August. We went and liked the church...and they liked us. We were called as their pastors. The church was smaller than we expected. We also thought we would move a little farther away. When we were thinking of where we would end up this wasn't what we had planned. But, it was definitely where God wanted (and still wants) us.

We went away the last weekend before we started at the new church. When we got back there was a message on our answering machine from a church in West Virginia. Aaron was the choice the search committee had made, and they wanted us to candidate. It had been months and months since we sent anything to this church. I wondered why God would have another church call then. It was a much larger church. It was far from home (making it seem a little more adventurous). It was also part of the fellowship that Aaron had grown up in. Aaron called them back and let them know we already accepted a position.

Why would that church call the week after we had accepted our pastorate? I think it was God's way of letting us know that though Aaron could have gotten a job elsewhere...this was where he wanted us. It took away any doubts that we took this church just because we had no other options. He wanted us here and it was his plan all along.

To be continued......

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  1. I just love hearing people's "life" stories. Great to hear how God works out what we think we can take of. It is such a blessing to look back and see his hand in all the happenings of life...can't wait to hear more!


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