Thursday, April 30, 2009

God is in Control - Part 2

I started talking about how I've seen God working in my life, showing me that he is control of all. His timing is perfect even if it seems a bit off to me. Here you can read the first part. Today, I'm going to talk about another time that God showed me clearly that he would take care of things.

Soon after we took our pastorate, we began looking for a place to live. Renting, at that time, would have cost more than buying an inexpensive we decided to buy. As we began looking in our price range, we realized we weren't going to be able to get a very nice house. They all needed a lot of work. Now, I have the best husband in the world...but a handyman he is not!! There were houses with sloped floors, a foot of water in the basement, and mold. We decided to just keep looking.

The week after baby #3 was born we looked at two more houses. The first was impractical (there was really only one real bedroom) and the other was perfect, but out of our price range. Even though we liked house #2, we kept looking. Several weeks later we went back to look at it again. They had reduced the price! We were very close to being able to buy it. We checked with the bank...and we got the extra money!

This house was in great shape and needed no work. It's layout was perfect. Even though it's only 1200 sq. ft., the rooms are all spacious. It's in a really nice neighborhood. It even had a fenced in yard with a swingset for the kids (who were 3, 1, and NB at the time). It really was perfect for us.

Once again God provided us with not just what we needed, but what we wanted. He worked everything out...but in his own timing. This house has been perfect for our family. It has been a great place to live. It also has ended up being very inexpensive. It heats very well, has had very little upkeep, and extremely low taxes. God knew just where we needed to be and worked it out.

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  1. God is awesome, he always works things out if we wait on Him!

    You do have a great home!


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