Monday, April 27, 2009


I am thankful to have water pressure! Our water pressure has slowly been decreasing over the last several the point that we have had not much more than a trickle for the last several weeks. Turns out our well was just getting too old. Yesterday we were finally hooked up to city water (we decided to do this instead of a new well for two reasons...1) It was about a third less & 2) We will almost assuredly be annexed within the next few years and forced on city water).
Running water is a wonderful thing...and pressure behind it is even better! I'm going to have to pay attention for the next few days, though. The sink fills up very quickly now. I had time to do some cleaning up before the water was filled...but no more! I may overflow my sink!

Of course, now we have to actually pay for our water. Our town allows a certain amount of water for the base price, then charge for anything above. We decided to use our normal usage this month, and see if we go over. Then, if we need to change our habits...we will cut back. I'll let you know how our little experiment goes!

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  1. What a great thing to have water pressure....good luck on the water preserve experiment...


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