Monday, April 13, 2009

One Month Old

Today is Sarah's one month birthday. Her day wasn't the most pleasant day...she had an upper GI and a chest x-ray. I felt horrible...she had to go four hours without eating for the upper GI. She was crying and looking at me wondering why I wouldn't feed her when she was hungry. Then for the chest x-ray they put her in a thing that looked like a medieval torture device. So, it wasn't fun (although it might have been as hard on me as her). These are some pictures I got of her tonight. I'm going to take a picture of her with this Teddy Bear every month to see how she is growing.

Oh - and it turns out that she has reflux. So, she gets to start on Prilosec to see if it helps. And she was 10 lbs. 10 oz., so she is growing!!


  1. Wow what a day! Those are really cute pics!
    Glad it wasn't anything real serious...hopefully the meds will take care of it...I remember the thing they put Micah in for x-rays...yuk

  2. We will pray the prilosec works! Sorry you guys had a rough day.
    Cute pictures, I like the close up one! TJ want's her bear! He just said baby, shannons!!!!! (He also commented on her tongue sticking out!)

  3. She is so adorable! Hope the meds will take care of everything. Come on over and pick up your reward.


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