Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rainy Day Inventions

This morning Caleb had a bunch of books laid out in a circle. I asked him what they were, and he said he did it for Rachel. Then a few minutes later he and Rachel started playing a game with them. I'm not sure how exactly they played, but I know they rolled a dice and moved cars around the books like they were a game board. I guess after several rainy days in a row they have to get inventive.

Then Caleb got dressed and came out looking like this. He said he was a character. The box he's holding contains all his gadgets.


  1. Oh my that is quite the outfit!! Which character was he exactly???

    And his posing!!! don't tell him, but it made me laugh!

    Hope Jada is getting better!

  2. I love this! You need a poster sized print to hang on your wall!

  3. I think he was a made up character. He actually thought he looked good!

  4. What a great laugh he gave me!!!! I just love the outfit and how nothing really matched but he thought he looked SOOO GOOD!!! I just love it!!! WHat fun they look like they had on "another" rainy day!!! I hope we don't have any more of those for a long while!!!


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