Saturday, April 11, 2009

SOOC - Saturday

I just found out about another photography carnival. It is hosted by slurping life and is called SOOC (straight out of camera) Saturday. You are to submit a photo that is editing, cropping, etc. Sarah turned 4 weeks old this week, so I wanted to get some pictures of her. This one was taken right after several others where she was crying. She is always so serious. We'll see if that changes as she grows!


  1. She's adorable!!! Such a great shot, she looks like she's deep in thought :-)

  2. what a gorgeous little girl!
    picture is beautiful too!

  3. So sweet! Mine turned three months this past week and she looks so big now I can't believe how quickly it goes!

  4. This is so precious. She is just beautiful. Even at four weeks she looks so deep in thought.

  5. I though the same thing--- you've got a thinker on your hands! She's precious!

  6. Aw, sweet. I can see the puffy little eyes from crying and love that you snapped the image. A mom wants to remember ALL the moments.

    She's precious.

    Love having you join SOOC Saturday.


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