Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tell Me Thursday - Lovely Visitor

I just learned yesterday that there is a site to tell about your Wordless Wednesday post. I always try to keep my WW post truly wordless, but often wish I could tell the story behind it. Yesterday's photo was taken out my front window. Here's the story:

One morning this little guy showed up on the small tree outside my front window. I was feeding the baby, but I called all the kids out to see him. Josiah sat and watched him for quite some time. When the baby was done eating I grabbed my camera to snap a shot. That bird had sat there for at least 5 minutes...but as I got my camera ready he flew down lower in among the branches so I couldn't get a good shot. Then he flew away. I was really bummed...the picture that got I called the bird a little brat. Josiah thought that was really funny.

The next morning he was back! I grabbed my camera and got this shot of him. I suppose I should have apologized for calling him a little brat!

Go to Tell Me Thursday to get more stories behind the pictures.

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  1. Great job getting the shot, I always miss birds, never fast enough, the kids manage to scare them away before I can even get the lens cap off the camera!


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