Thursday, April 23, 2009

Things I Love Thursdays - 'crib bumper thingy'

When my oldest was a baby my Mom bought this crib bumper from a discovery toys party. It has black, white and red images on one side, and colorful images with 'toys' in the other. I never used it as a bumper...we would put in on the floor for the baby to look at during play time. My Mom bought it for all three of us kids to use with the grandkids, so it got passed on to the next cousin. So, I didn't have it for all of my kids. Just a few weeks ago Genesa passed it back to us. Sarah loves looking at the images. Consequently, I love it!!

Here is Sarah staring intently:

Here's Caleb as a baby staring just as intently at the other side:

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  1. we had one of those! I tried to sell it at the garage sale & no one bought it! Our babies loved ours too. We set our on the floor also. It was perfect!

    Thanks for linking!


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