Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Works for me Wednesday - Getting a baby to take medicine

Today is the backwards edition of WFMW hosted by We are THAT Family. Instead of giving tips, we're to ask for help with our dilemmas.

So, here is my problem. My two week old has noisy, stuffy nose breathing. So, the doctor put her on Dallergy drops. I think they are helping...but, I can't get her to take them! At first she would swallow most of it...then purse her little lips together and spit. It was really cute! But then she started just spitting it all out. I remember from one of my other kids that you are supposed to put it into their cheeks, but she just spits it out. Shooting it back in her throat gets more in her, but I don't want her to aspirate on it.

So, how do you get medicine in a small baby?


  1. I remember that problem. (Guess I have it to look forward to again!) What we always did was put the medicine in a nipple. We would just hold the nipple in the baby mouth and let them drink it. Usually by the time they realized it was medicine it was all gone.

    If you breastfeed I'm not sure how well this would work but if all else fails it could be worth a shot!

  2. All three of my babies had to take medicine for reflux from a very early age. What I usually did was just put the dropper against the inside of the cheek and slide it back towards the throat. Squirt the medicine farther back in the mouth and it's harder to spit out. But since it's against the side of the cheek instead of straight to the back of the throat, they don't choke as much. Also, check with your pharmacist... a lot of medicines can have flavoring added - babies prefer sweet tastes, so that may make your little one take it more easily. We have also used the nipple trick or a pacifier that dispenses medicine. As they suck on the pacifier, they get the medicine that you put in the little reservoir. You can buy those pacifiers in the baby section at most drugstores.

  3. I'm actually surprised that you dr. gave a 2week old any med....not the usual practice of my pediatrician......I would say use that little syringe to suck out any stuffiness...and run a vaporizer in her room....not to alarm you but I'm not sure I would give my infant a cold med....when we all realize it's normal for the baby just might want to find out if there are other options....

  4. It's beyond the normal newborn stuffiness. At her best she sounds like a normal baby at their worst. Her breathing is definitely not normal...but her lungs are clear and her coloring is we're trying this to see if it is the problem.

  5. Put it between her cheek and where her molars will be, then immediately push UP on her chin to close her mouth. This makes them swallow by reflex!

    Stroking their throat will also make them swallow.

  6. Hmmmm ... yes, that sounds like a dilemma with one so little. I'm assuming she's breastfed?? Even if so, could you put some breastmilk into a bottle along with the med? It would be nice to get her to accept a bottle anyway, so you could pump and have her drink from a bottle occasionally. I did that with my 3 from the time they were very small, and it didn't mess them up with breastfeeding. Good luck! Also, thank you for your tips at my place for my daughter - I'm going to try them.

  7. I had a preemie boy who was on meds for several months. I breastfed him, but for meds, we put some breastmilk in a bottle nipple, then put the meds in the nipple too. That (somewhat) masked the flavor.
    Hope that helps!

  8. Oh, I forgot to mention--I always gave his meds BEFORE his feeding, to be sure he was really hungry and would take all of it. If I waited till after a feeding, he would turn away the nipple--not at all interested!
    Just another small tip. :-)
    I wish you the best with your little one!!

  9. Well, I am really behind on technology. Lauren put me on face-book, but I really can't get to it.
    She also set up an aol acount, but
    I don't really know how to check it. They are both
    If Sarah was a little older, you could do like did with medicine for
    Aaron. I hid it in ice cream with
    chocolate and fed it to him.
    Has Sarah been so fussy you have to
    hold her all the time? Love to all, Nuna


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