Thursday, May 14, 2009

God is in Control - Part 3

This is my third post on how I've seen God moving in our lives. You can read the first two parts here and here. Sometimes God works in ways that we can't explain. Sometimes he wants to just let us know that he can do ANYTHING.

When Aaron and I were dating and engaged we discussed how many kids we wanted. We both wanted five and that was our plan. Now, I had our family pictured as well spaced out. But, God had other plans. We had our first four kids in five years (with the first three being in three years). Those were crazy years. Things were kind of a blur.

But, I think with our last baby God really showed me that He is in control...and that He sometimes does things that we can't explain. We had three or four months in a row where we thought for sure we would be pregnant. We weren't. Then came a month when we knew for sure that we wouldn't be pregnant. We were extremely busy...Aaron was working three jobs...there was just tons going on. We barely even saw each other that month!

That month was the month that we got pregnant. I was two weeks late before we even was so busy that I didn't even realize I was we were sure we weren't pregnant. But, God decided he wanted Sarah to join our family at that exact time. He wanted to show us that he could work beyond the laws of science.

My babies have all been on time or late. But, Sarah was born almost 2 weeks early at 9 lbs 9 oz. She was my biggest baby while supposedly being early. I believe I got pregnant at an abnormal time in my cycle...because God decided to circumvent nature. Why? I believe because He was trying to show us that even though we may make plans...he may change them. Even though we think something is impossible, with God all things are possible.

As we go about our lives we often forget that there is Someone who is in charge of everything. It isn't until something big happens that we can see God orchestrating the details of our lives. I think if we each take the time to look, we will see His hand moving in our lives. Should we stop making any plans, then? I don't think so. But, I think we need to remember that our plans are just that...OUR plans. We need to hold them with an open hand, willing to allow God to make changes. We need to be willing to listen to His voice as he guides us. We need to be willing to wait on Him. Allow His hand to work in your life. Once your life is touched by His hand...things are never the same.


  1. Love the story and agree with you on letting God be in control of all the little details of life!!! What a blessing it is to be a child of God!

  2. We too had everything all "planned" for our child baring years but God's plan has turned out much better. My second, Megan, is now 9 months old. I was 10 weeks pregnant before I discovered I was carrying her! Unfortunately I was not exactly thrilled at that time because I felt that I would be depriving my oldest of needed quality time as she had just turned a year old. But she loves her sister so much - from day one! My" plan" would have deprived her from her sister!


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