Monday, May 18, 2009

Making Your Home a Haven

Tammy's recipes hosts Making Your Home a Haven challenge each week. This week I decided to join in. The challenge this week was to attack a pile somewhere in your home. Unfortunately, I have several piles to, I decided to work on two. The first was a sofa table in our living room which is one of the major hot spots in our house. Here's the before:

This pile held all kinds of crazy things...a level, a screw, cards (from Sarah's birth) and pictures (from 1999), sweaters, and game pieces from about 5 games. Here's the after:

The basket underneath holds rotating books for the girls. We have hundreds of books so I try to only have a few out at a time. Keeps it interesting and cuts down on the mess. Between pregnancy and a newborn I hadn't switched them out in a long, long time. The girls really enjoyed having some 'new' books!

I'm still working on the second pile...the laundry. It somehow got out of control this weekend. My dryer is taking forever to dry a load, so I'll still be working on it well into the evening. But, by bedtime this pile WILL be GONE.


  1. LOVE your big giant tea cup!

  2. Congrats on your new baby. We are expecting in August. I like your idea of the book basket. We have a ton of books too and they always end up all over the house. I think I am going to give this a try!

  3. You call that a pile of laundry...maybe you need to check out a pile at my house sometime...more like piles!!! Although at this moment I am happy to report no piles are to be found anywhere in any basket...they are done, folded....and put away....please write down the date b/c it rarely ALL happens that way..

  4. Your "hot spot" looks great! Good luck with the laundry!


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