Friday, May 22, 2009

A Nature Walk

After letterboxing we set out to explore the Nature Preserve. We found lots of interesting things on our Nature Hike.

The four hikers...Jada, Josiah, Caleb, and Rachel:

Traveling on a boardwalk over a marshy area right next to the lake. We had just spotted a large black snake. (Aaron almost stepped on it!):

Caleb pointing to the tall trees. There is a ravine right beyond where we were standing. The trees were growing up tall to catch the sunlight.

Two of the many, many snails we found. The kids spent a lot of time watching the snails. I think it is the first time I had observed them in nature...what fascinating little creatures!! We got to watch them slowly moving across the path. The kids loved this!
A close up of one of the snails:

Aaron and Caleb counting the rings on a fallen tree to see how old it is. They figured it was about 75 years old.

Sarah and I...proof that we were actually there! I rarely get my picture taken, so I asked Aaron to snap one of me.

We spent 2 hours in the woods. We had a great time...and I think we learned a little about God's wonderful creation in the process!


  1. What an amazing afternoon. I get the children adored it and there were certainly some lasting memories there :)

  2. What a fantastic day to be out enjoying what God had created!!
    Great pic of you and Sarah by the look great....are you sure you just had a baby...your face looks so beautiful and thin already!!! (seems like it takes me many more months to look that good :)

  3. Awww...thanks Danielle. You made my day!!


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