Saturday, May 16, 2009

Photohunt - Painted

This week for the photohunt hosted by tnchick is painted. I found these pictures from VBS two years ago. I couldn't believe how big the kids have grown in just two years! They were painting birdhouses, which sadly are no longer around. The kids hung them outside as soon as we got home and the weather was not kind to them!

My nephew and son.

Another nephew and my sister.


  1. mine is from a coule years ago is sad that the kids grow up so fast!

  2. They surely are so busy painting the birdhouse. Nice take. Happy weekend.

  3. When Nyssa made hers in VBS I kept it inside... and even though she is 23, it still sits on my dresser. We must have something to embarrass her with! ;)
    Mine is up here.


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