Friday, May 22, 2009

Simple Family Fun - Letterboxing

We went letterboxing for the first time yesterday morning. Check out the link for complete information, but I'll try to give a quick overview. You need a rubber stamp, ink pad, small book or notebook, compass (we didn't need it for this one, but will for others), an ink pen, and a "team" name.

Then you go to the website and look for a letterbox near you. They have instructions on how to get to the location, then clues on how to find the box. We decided to stay close to home for our first time. It had simple it was a good trial run.

The purpose of letterboxing is to find a "box" (usually a rubbermaid-type container) that someone has hidden. In their box they have placed a small notebook and a stamp. You stamp your stamp into their book (also writing the date and your "team" name). Then you stamp their stamp into your book (adding the location, date and any other notes you want to make).

Here is Aaron reading the clues to the kids:
The boys finding the box:

The box:

The boys carefully placing the box back where we found it.

Our first stamp in our book:

I first heard about letterboxing several years ago and thought it sounded fun. This last Christmas I gave all the supplies to Aaron for Christmas (including printed out directions for 5 or 6 letterboxes). We finally got around to trying it...and we all loved it! Cheap family fun!


  1. FUnny you mention letterboxing...I just heard about it earlier this year and thought it sound like something ouru kids would too! I just need to figure out all the little details of how you find out where the letterboxes are...I think we actually have all the supplies we would it's on my "find out more details list"...have any of those???

  2. We have been wanting to try this as well...maybe soon! It looks like a lot of fun.


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