Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekly Winners - May 24-30

Here are my favorite shots of the week. The majority of them were taken this week when we were letterboxing. We traveled to the town where Aaron and I went to college, met, and fell in love. So many great memories!! We tried to eat lunch at the diner where we had our first date, but it was closed down. :(

These were taken earlier in the week:

This is the same picture I posted for SOOC Saturday. This one, though, isn't straight out of the camera...I've had a lot of fun this week messing around in picnik.
Go see some more weekly winners...and join in yourself!


  1. This post made me say "awww!!!" - your kiddos will enjoy these shots when they get older and you tell them the story :) Great shots!

  2. i love that b&w rocking chair photo!

  3. As usual unbieliveable, great pics!!! Looks like letterboxing was a hit once again!! I was talking with Justin about it and he said would should do some hunting ourselves!! Maybe even incorporate that into our family vacation (wherever that might end up being).

  4. Very nice. I like the black and white of the rocking chairs.

  5. Love the little girl in the dress. Pretty!

  6. What lovely shots of your children! Great set!

  7. Shannon,
    Wow, that picture of Josiah next to that stone wall.....I thought I was looking at a picture of Aaron when he was little! Great pictures. It must have been fun to take them back to W Lake. We know how you felt about the restaraunt. The bookstore that we met at, is no longer. We were so sad when it closed down!


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