Monday, June 8, 2009

BBQ Chicken in Crockpot

My recipe for BBQ chicken in the crockpot is embarrassingly easy. It is a great dish to take to potlucks (and I almost always get asked for the recipe).


  • Chicken (I usually use legs...because they are cheap!!).
  • BBQ sauce of your choice (I usually use the honey Kraft...again sweet...but also not too spicy because my kids won't eat spicy!).
For a full crockpot I use one bag of the frozen chicken legs (I think it's a 5 lb. bag...but not sure) and 2 regular size bottles of BBQ Sauce.

I just put the chicken in the crockpot (usually still frozen) and cover it with the BBQ sauce. I usually add a little bit of water to the sauce container and swish it clean...adding it to the crockpot. Cook on low for 6-8 hours.

That's it! Super easy and delicious.


  1. I like easy!!! You know that and I love it when you share those with us matter how easy! I actually have some chicken breast on hand....I think I will cook that up for our supper tomorrow since I have 5 bottles or so of BBQ sauce....I have been slacking at meal planning sure why....thanks for the idea!!

  2. Hi...I hope you don't mind me leaving a comment...I love my crockpot and am always looking for easy recipes...and I love how easy your recipe is...I can't wait to try it...Brenda

  3. I have some legs and wings in the freezer that I wasn't sure what to do with... now I know! Sounds so easy great for Sunday lunch


  4. wow....i might actually be able to make this?!!! thank you!!! i think i'll try this weekend!
    thanks again :)


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