Monday, June 22, 2009

Bridal Shower

On Saturday we went to a bridal shower for my cousin (in-law).  It was definitely the most  unique bridal shower I've ever been to.   It was a luncheon at a tea house.  Upon entering we were ushered into a back room and told that we needed to dress up!    They had gowns, gloves, costume jewelery, boas, hats...the works.    

Here's a picture of my cousin Jennifer with Sarah.   Sarah looks so serious...I'm sure she was wondering what was going on!  

Jada and Rachel.  Although they don't look too happy here, they were in dress-up heaven!   They both loved it (although they were a little overwhelmed at first...when this picture was taken).

The girls with Heather, the bride-to-be.  

A group picture of all the guests at the shower.  I'm sitting, holding Sarah.  

Congratulations, Heather! 


  1. This definately looks like the most unique gathering i've seen. Interesting

  2. What a fun way looking party! Your girls look adorable in their little dresses and I think its great that the shop has outfits for all ages...


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