Monday, June 8, 2009

Camping - Simple Family Fun

Well, we survived our camping trip! We are not big lovers of camping...but the kids love it! Everyone in my family are huge campers...they have the big campers with bathrooms and full kitchens...and they camp often during the summer. (If you can call it camping with a bathroom and kitchen :) ).

Several years ago we were generously given a pop up camper by a really great couple (we really do appreciate it!). If it weren't for this we would be camping in a we LOVE our pop-up. We sat a playpen up where the table goes for Sarah to sleep in. It fits perfectly...but doesn't leave a lot of room for the rest of us! We're thinking of some alternative for when we go for a week at the end of the summer. I'll let you know what we decide then.

We had a really good time this last week. The campsite we went to let us set our campers up however we wanted, so we made a circle with the four campers. We were right next to the playground so the kids were able to play while we sat around the campfire. But, I still came home exhausted!

Align CenterMy niece, Halee, holding Sarah. It was pretty chilly the first night, so we bundled Sarah up pretty well...she seemed to like camping.

Jada with Pa.

My nephew, Titus.

Jada showing off a couple of her ouchies to Rachel and my niece Gabriela.

Aaron, Caleb, and Rachel during a game of football.

Aaron holding up a tree on a hike through a nature preserve.

My sister, Genesa, and Titus again.

This picture has 6 (seven if you count the baby they are holding in the background that you really can't see) of the 13 grandkids. The oldest is only you can imagine we get quite a bit of attention when we go anywhere together.

Even though camping is lots of work, I still think it falls under the category of simple family fun!


  1. I'd much rather camp in a pop up than in a tent. My camping experience wasn't much fun. I don't like heat, bugs, or dirty bathrooms so the combination of all 3 wasn't pleasant. Give me a hotel room by the beach! lol

  2. Glad you had a good trip. Enjoyed looking at the pictures. Good family fun!! Boy, I hope someone decides to give us a camper someday :-). Tent camping gets pretty uncomfortable for more than one night!


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