Monday, June 22, 2009

I ♥ Faces - Let's Hear It For the Boys!

The theme this week at I  Faces is Let's hear it for the boys.  Only photos of males are allowed.  My pictures from this year are still on my old computer and I didn't get a chance to get any shots this week, so I had to dig way back for this week.  

Kids Entry:

This photo is 3 years old when Caleb had just turned 6.  We were camping and he had been playing in the boy!

Adult Entry:

I love this picture of my boys.  This one goes way back...probably about 6 years.   For some reason it is saved tiny...I can't make it any bigger.   Hopefully you can see it,


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  1. Both gorgeous. You are right about the first one - very boy!

  2. Oh yes, mud and boys seems to go hand-in-hand! And I love that the adult entry is b & w. Perfect! (Thanks for visiting my blog!)

  3. Your boys look wonderful : ) Hope you had a great fathers day yesterday!

  4. Yup, boys and dirt. They do go together well, don't they.

    Lovely family shot with your boys. I see why you like it.

  5. Beautiful shots. I especially love the adult entry.


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