Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Secret Between Us by Barbara Delinsky

The Secret Between Us is the second Delinsky book I've read (the first, Family Tree, I read right after Sarah was born) and it wasn't quite as good as the first.  While driving with her mother, a young girl hits a man.  Her mother covers it up and takes the blame.  This book deals with the aftermath of that one lie.  The daughter can not deal with the lie.  She withdraws from life.   Her mother tries to hold everything together.  Both women are deeply impacted.  This book show that even lies with the best intentions still cause hurt and pain.  It also deals with parental expectations and the pain it can cause a child to not live up to them.  I made a mental note to guide my children and not dictate what or who they should be.    It lightly touches on divorce, alcohol abuse, and grief.  A good read.  

First Line:  "They were arguing in the seconds before impact."

Last Line: "I'd be sad and blue . . . if not for you."

Rating - (4/5)

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