Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tell Me Thursday - Froggy Prince

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My oldest daughter, Rachel, is a girly girl.   She loves to dress up, anything pink, baby dolls, etc.  But, she also loves to get dirty and play with creepy crawlies.  Last week I peeked out the window to check on the kids and found them playing with a frog, once again.  They had the poor thing in a rubbermaid box sitting in the sun.  I felt bad for the poor froggy, so I gave them a lidded box I had for creepy crawlies (for our nature hikes) and told them to keep him out of the sun.   Soon after, they all came back inside.  Awhile later, I was in the kitchen cooking and looked up to see my little girl holding a frog IN MY HOUSE!   I am NOT a girl who enjoys creepy crawlies (especially in my house), so I made her go set the frog free...but not before capturing a photo!   I love her chipped nail polished fingers holding a frog...I think it's really funny!  It reminded me of the princess (which Rachel has claimed to be since she could talk) with her frog prince.

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  1. How fun! There is always a bit of boy in those princesses! My Tell Me Thursday is here.

  2. Cool photo and great story! Thanks for sharing your Tell Me Thursday.

  3. Great picture. Not something I could do. This weeks TMT are lots of creepy crawly things lol Did I miss the memo?

  4. Great story and hopefully the frog is back outside now!


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