Thursday, June 4, 2009

You Capture - Feel

This week's You Capture Challenge if Feel. Here is a picture of Caleb feeling the letters as he reads them.

And Josiah feeling his hair. He's done this since he was a baby...sucked his fingers as he feels his hair. He is now seven and still does it.

Any ideas on how to make him stop? His permanent teeth are coming in, so we really need to get him to stop!

If you want to join the challenge or see the other entrants...go to I Should Be Folding Laundry.


  1. I love the first shot! Great job!

  2. No advice. My 5 yr old does it and I haven't figured out how to stop him.

    Great shots.

  3. I love both of these shots!

    As for stopping the finger-sucking, we just got our 5-year-old to stop. We used some yucky tasting stuff on his fingers (got it from our pediatric dentist) for a while-he really didn't like it.

    Also, the dentist had a "trophy" for him when he joined the "I Quit Club". It was a little plastic trophy cup with treats in it. It worked! Good luck!

  4. so hard, can't take fingers away from him.

    great shots!

  5. Those photos are so great.

    The second one, does he do it when he is tired? I used suck my tongue when I'm tired. I wish I had advice for how to help him stop, but I don't know how!

    Still, great angles and ideas.

  6. I was a thumbsucker until I was 11 and had braces put on. I love the second picture. The more my parents tried to get me to stop, the more stubborn about it I became. My 8-1/2 yo is still sucking her thumb. My dad always said that when I wanted to start kissing boys, I'd stop sucking my thumb. I tell my daughter that now! She hates it as much as I hated it as a kid, but it makes me smile to remember.

  7. you take great pictures!!

    lots of luck w/the finger sucking...wish i had some advice for niece still sucks her thumb at night and she's 19!!! she said she doesn't even realize she's doing it.....she just wakes up some mornings w/her thumb in her mouth!!

  8. My daughter plays with her hair, too, when she is sucking her finger! That's too cute...but totally frustrating, too!

  9. I love the way you interpreted feel. Great job!

  10. Fabulous interpretation!

    As far as sucking his fingers, I was a thumb-sucker, and learned the hard way why not to - I had braces for years upon years.

    You might want to reason with him and explain that, if he continues to suck his fingers, he'll have to get braces that'll hurt his mouth. Kids at this age can be rationalized with quite effectively (been through three 7-year-olds and have 3 to go, we have 6 kids in total) :) Good luck!

    Come on over and check out what I posted about, Feeling Old.

  11. Cute photos. My daughter fingers her hair when she is tired - comes from when she was a baby and would touch my hair as she was falling asleep. I don't have any advice about the finger sucking. My children all had a dummy/pacifier.

  12. Oh, these are great pics!!

    I sucked my index finger until I was 9, I think. It took a special retainer to make me stop - my parents tried the stuff that tasted bad, socks on my hands, etc. Good luck finding a solution!!

  13. Great "feel" photos! I love the hair and finger shot! I don't know how to get it to stop, though. I have a sister who is in her twenties and still chews her thumb (unknowingly) in her sleep. For this reason, I shoved pacifiers in my children's mouths at birth. I figured I could take away a pacifier before I could take away a finger. Best of luck to you!!


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