Monday, July 27, 2009

Christmas in July

Every year my extended family (on my Mom's side) celebrate Christmas in July.  Most of the families camp out at the woods behind my Grandma's for the weekend (not us!  We do NOT camp without access to a bathroom, LOL!).   But, Saturday is the big event.  We start the day with a huge breakfast, then spend a fun-filled day of games and fellowship.  My camera battery died early on in the day . . . but here is a few of my favorite shots!   I took shots later in the day with my Mom's camera - I'm looking forward to seeing some of them!

This is my Uncle who we've been praying for.   He was released from the hospital the day before . . . after 16 days on a ventilator and weeks in the hospital.  He's a walking miracle and testament to God's power and answer to prayer!

Caleb with baby cousin Reuben.

The Ducky Game!

My niece, Halee, on a chair made from a bucket!

Caleb on the same bucket.

Sarah attracting loads of attention!

Cousins playing games together!

And, of course, playing in the dirt!

That's me hitting a golf ball as part of the games.

Eating breakfast!

More cousin fun!  (I did tell them to put the sticks down after I shot this picture as they were hitting each other with them!  Zack is trying to escape here!).


  1. looks like a fun time was had by all

  2. i love the black and white shot of Jerry!! Thanks for including the shots of my least someone got some pic of them since their momma didn't remember her camera (gasp!!!) I hope you week in uneventful and somewhat relaxing while you are home for a bit :)


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