Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mother-in-Law Update

My mother-in-law is still  critically ill.  She has a disorder called ARDS caused by her original infection.  The ARDS is temporary lung damage . . . so the doctors are trying everything possible to keep her going.  We have had several major scares over the last week, but yesterday was a better day.  Yesterday afternoon the doctor decided to try a new bed - one that keeps her in the prone (face down) position and also rotates her.   It looks like a space capsule . . . it is really the weirdest thing!
It seems to be helping her blood gases and her kidney function (at least a little)  we're still waiting to see if her chest x-ray is better.   I really appreciate all the prayers on her behalf!

I am so thankful that the doctors are willing to try everything, even when they aren't holding out a lot of hope for a recovery.  None of the nurses working yesterday had ever seen this bed, so it is something not often used.  I just keep thinking about the healthcare bill being discussed by our government. . . I know there is a clause in there discussing weighing the cost of care with the age/condition of the patient.  I doubt under that plan my Mother-in-law would be given such excellent care.  

We know that she may not make it through . . . but that is God's decision!  We should do all we can to preserve life and fight for it!    I pray that other families will have the option to do everything they can to save their family member.   We would appreciate you continued prayers. Everytime things get really bad, she seems to take an upswing.   I believe that's because mass amounts of people are praying for her at that time.   Prayer works!


  1. That bed is the strangest thing! Hopefully it will be just what she needs to start recovering! I'm pretty sure that under Obama's new healthcare plan, that they wouldn't be bothering with my dad either! I'm grateful that his oncologist has been willing to try to fight this cancer even though there is only the very smallest of chance that it will work! When I was there Sunday it seemed from what I was told that there was no hope at all. But, I can't help but get my hopes up from the last couple of days.....sigh...the roller coaster!
    Continued prayers. Just keep the updates coming! love you guys!

  2. Continuing to pray. There's always hope because our hope is from the Lord! It's all in His time.

    Thanks for taking the time to update
    praying praying praying...


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