Monday, July 27, 2009

Quick recap of family life!

I've been missing the last few weeks.  But, we've had several things happen while I was gone.  
  • My mother-in-law first went in the hospital on Caleb's birthday.   On the Friday of that week we celebrated his birthday with my family at my brother's house.  We did a little swimming (it was a little cool - so it really was a LITTLE) and had fun together.  For some reason  (probably exhaustion!) I didn't take any pictures that night.
  • The kids were able to attend one day of VBS.  They were very disappointed that they weren't able to go all week - but the wonderful leaders made several of the crafts for them throughout the week and gave it to them on Sunday!
  • The second week we were down there, the boys went with us.   One evening, after spending the day in the hospital, Aaron took the boys to the new Harry Potter.  They didn't get home until after midnight - which the boys thought was great!
  • Box Day!  All of our school books came one week while we were gone.  So, the following weekend we had box day.   Rachel is super excited about school this year (she's in Kindergarten) the boys . . . not so much!   Caleb turned the box into a car that they played in for quite awhile.

  • We harvested the first fruits from the garden!  The red peppers aren't from our garden (mine shriveled up and died), but the rest of the veggies are.  It was yummy!!

  • Last Sunday we got a call that Josiah had a cut that they think needed stitches.  After having the hospital call to get our permission, he got 5 stitches right above his eye. The story is that Caleb threw snow making brick in the air and it fell and hit Jo in the eyebrow.  Jo was very brave and didn't cry at all while he was having the stitches put in.   He was the first kid at our house to get stitches.   Thanks, Mom, for taking such good care of him and his stitches.  He had them removed yesterday and they said it looks good.
    (Picture taken by my Mom)
  • Caleb went to week long camp for the first time!   I wasn't even able to drop him off.  :(   He had a great time and can't wait to go again next year!  I got some pictures off his camera (I'll send you the ones with Chi in them, Megan) . . . here's a couple:

Hopefully within the next few weeks life will get back to normal!  I had planned on starting school next Monday - we'll have to see if that happens . . . probably not.


  1. Thanks for sending my pics!

    THe one of Caleb jumping on the bed is how I imagined the week!!!!

  2. I LOVE that last picture! You've had a busy past few weeks. I hope your MIL is doing better now.

    ~*~ Wendy ~*~
    Wordless Wednesday
    Please pray for my cousin


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