Thursday, July 2, 2009

You Capture - Photographer's choice

This week the theme at You Capture is photographer's choice.   

The first two I captured movement.    I've posted several pictures of the kids playing in their kiddy pool the last few days.   This one wasn't a great picture of the kids . . . but I loved capturing the perpetual motion of Josiah.

The girls were sitting out under the trees, talking.   I tried to sneak out to catch them, but they saw me coming and started posing.   I loved the movement of Jada's hair.

On this one I was practicing using the manual settings on my camera and wanted to throw it in! 

Make sure you go check out what everyone else did this week at I Should Be Folding Laundry.


  1. Great movement! The last one is beautiful. You are doing great in manual! It seems so hard at first but quickly becomes second nature :)

  2. Love your shots and the kids are adorable.

  3. last one is my favorite, good job!

  4. Awesome work with the manual!

    Lovely pics!

  5. I love that her hair is swinging while she moves.

  6. Great shots! All that movement and no blur!

  7. Great captures. What fun with the swooshing hair.

  8. great pictures.......such pretty little models you have there :)


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